"Welcome To Blogger BlogMaster!"

"Welcome To Blogger BlogMaster!"

Hi, it's Minsheyenwen. I am the founder of Blogger BlogMaster Blog Services. Thank You for visiting. We're happy to inform you of our new Blogger BlogMaster services. We want to help you improve your web presence, increase your online visibility and your virtual real estate branding awareness through the creation and expansion of our Blogger BlogMaster Custom Blogs.

You can have one or several Custom Blogger BlogMaster Blogs created for you.

We are service oriented at Blogger BlogMaster. I would like to offer you a no commitment FREE Web 2.0 30 minute consultation and have the opportunity to talk with you to see how our new Blogger BlogMaster services can help you meet your Web 2.0 online business promotion goals.

Are you too busy to create a blog but want one?

Do you want to 'do it yourself' make your blog but you dont know how to do it?

Do you have a blog set up on now, but unsure what the next step should be done?

We offer two Blogger BlogMaster Services:

1.) Blog Creation Consultation. We can advise you and work with you step by step for you to create your own Blogger blog by two 90 minutes scheduled phone appointment times. We help you to set up, optimize and structure your new Blogger Blog and get it indexed by the search engines(Blogger BlogMaster Promotion Special $150). Plus we give our Blog Creation Consultation customers instructions on how to use their new blog, 30 day FREE support and follow up consultation on your Custom Blogger BlogMaster Blog.


2.) We build your Custom Blogger Blog for you (Blogger BlogMaster Promotion Special starting $150). Plus we give our Custom Blogger Blog customers instructions on how to use their new blog, 30 day FREE support and follow up consultation on your Custom Blogger BlogMaster Blog.

In Order to Start...

1st Sign up for a FREE GMail Account. Optimize your new gmail account username. Use your business name or use a name related to your business.

2nd Create a FREE Blogger Account to build your custom Blogger blog. Optimize your Blogger Blog url name. Use your business name or make the url related to your business, too.

Things To Consider...

* Choosing a topic, url, title and description for your blog that is relevant to your business and/or keyword researched and search engine friendly.

* Choosing a design (color, theme, template) for your blog.

* Determining the objectives of the blog.

1.) Virtual Real Estate. Your Blogger Blog can act as your 1st blog to give you an online presence and to get your business started online.

2.) Traffic Generator. Generate organic traffic to your Blogger Blog and then point it to your web site.

3. Do you have a Word Press Blog? Use your Blogger Blog to feed organic traffic to your WordPress Blog. Blogger Blog can give back links to your WordPress Blog that will help you in the search engines

4.) Build Your List. Your Blogger Blog can act to help you build your customer base.

* Understanding the blog's intended audience.
* Communicate and connect with your targeted audience from your blog entry posts.

* Advise on or perform blog setup operations
* Advise on or perform theme, Web 2.0 widgets and Web 2.0 blog plugin operations (audio, video etc.)
* Create your custom business blog critera.
* Create your unique business profile. What do you want your visitors and potential customers to know about you and your business?

* Design the blog layout elements.
* Work with popular third-party enhancements, such as FeedBurner and Technorati.
* Monetize your blog via advertising Adsense.
* Set up visitor tracking and understanding the information.
* Create appropriate, relevant quality content (provide easy to digest value entry posts), attractive images (make an instant impression) and policies for the blog (n/a not included).
* Promote the blog through various means such as social media.

Get more details and see examples of our Custom Blogger Blogs.

If you are like me you probably have specific questions you want to ask. It would be my pleasure to talk with you. If you would like to book a free complimentary consultation Call 347-240-3713 to set up your free consultation. Lots of people are already saying they love their Blogger BlogMaster Custom Blog and what a great time saver our service is!

Reserve your Custom Blog today by Blogger BlogMaster!

We look forward to servicing you and hope you'll enjoy using our Blogger BlogMaster services.

Let me know how I can help you today.

Call Minsheyenwen: Call 347-240-3713 (no sales calls, please).

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Minsheyenwen, Blogger BlogMaster

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