"Do You Need A Blog?"

Do You Need A Blog But...

Don't Have A Clue About Where To Start Or...

How To Set Up A Blog?

Let Blogger BlogMaster Build You A Custom Blogger Blog.

We offer Custom Blog Services. We set up your blog for you.

We set up and optimize your blog right from the start to communicate effectively with the search engines for you to get indexed fast and receive free organic search engine traffic. Get interested targeted visitors and eye balls reading your blog's content (blog content not provided).

Blogs are fundamentally about content. Your first focus should be on authoring great content. I would like you to write your blog's Welcome post and have 5 articles ready to post to your blog within 10 days after I am hire.

A Blogger Blog will give you everything you need to start blogging. It's a great blog for a beginner blogger. A Blogger Blog is a cost effective way to promote your business. No monthly fees. No domain or hosting fees. However, you should register your own domain name. There are many reasons for this, but the most important is control over your URL.

Maybe, you have a web site and you want a blog to generate more traffic to your web site. Perhaps you are looking for a Web 2.0 property or blog to allow for more customer engagement and feedback. If so, we can handle this and make sure your blog matches your main site. You can install your Blogger Blog on your own domain or sub domain name. Your hosting company services can help you set that up.

The Custom Blogger BlogMaster Start blog package includes…

An initial FREE consultation by phone, skype or skype chat (your choice) to help identify the purpose for your blog, your specific blog needs and goals.

Blogger blog set up and optimization services.

Directory Submission - Once content is posted to your blog we submit your blog to directories for backlinks and to get additional visitors to your blog. We only need to do this once and the value continues forever for you.

Plus we give our customers instructions on how to use their new blog, 30 day FREE support and follow up consultation on your Custom Blogger BlogMaster Blog. Don't fret Blogger BlogMaster will be there to support you.

Three custom designs to choose from:

1.) Standard Custom Blogger Blog (this one).

2.) International Language Custom Blogger Blog. Global Translation Lanuage Bar.

3.) Speaking Custom Blogger Blogs (Male Voice Only). Give a professional voice to your text content.

Checkout Our Blogger BlogMaster Custom Blogger Blogs

Our Blogger BlogMaster Custom Blogger Packages Special Promotion Starting $150.00

Take your pick from the above Blogger BlogMaster Custom Blogger Blogs listed packages that will get you started with using a blog as a channel to get your message to your targeted audience - people that are interested in knowing about you, your products and/or services offers. Put your business on the fast track to profits.

Are You Thinking How A Blog Can Help Put Your Business On The Fast Track To Profits? - Good Question.

When you have targeted visitors - people interested in your blog's topic (example: Custom Blogs, Custom Built Blogs, Custom Blog Services, etc.) and/or products and services you have to offer, you have an excellent chance to brand yourself - your name or your company's name, generate targeted traffic to your main web site or your offline business and increase your profits.

Blogger BlogMaster Custom Sample Blogs:

Example #1: Standard Blogger Blog

Review and Study this Blogger BlogMaster Blog Design, Layout and Navigation.

We Showcase the basic Blogger Blog BlogMaster Template and Layout:

1.) Blog Header - Title and Description.

2.) Blog Body - Entry Posts

*Welcome - Introduction Post (your pending content).

3.) Blog Sidebar 3 Basic Distinctive Elements

*About Me (your business profile photo or logo)

* Blog Sidebar Added Basic Distinctive Elements

Pick Your Blog Sidebar Added Basic Elements and Plugins.

Choice of addtional blog add ons:

* RSS Feed - Readers Get your latest deals via RSS or email!

* Polls - you can have a blog poll for a customers survey.

* Business Advertisement

* Customied Labels / Tag Element

* Tracking Setup

Visitor Tracking Stats - shows the number of blog visitors and a snapshot of the performance of your blog visitors. Knowing how many visitors you're getting, where they're coming from, what they're reading and what links they're clicking on is the data that keeps you out of the guessing game.

* Free Social Book Plug In

This is a plugin you get installed so it makes your blog posts super easy for readers (or you) to add to any of the social book marking site. Social book mark traffic is a powerful source of free traffic.

4.) Blog Footer - Blog's Name, Copywrite Symbol and Year
Optional Footer SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Subsequent Blog Sidebar Elements and Blog Plug Ins can be added by you. You can add any extra Blogger Blog plugins you want to use.

Admin Panel Note: You are responsible for your content and maintainence of your Blogger Blog. Adding content to your Blogger Blog is easy. There are no unwanted Blogger Blog admin pannel or dashboard distractions. The Blogger Blogs can be edited, enhanced with another template, change, font size, add more Blogger Elements, other Web 2.0 plug-ins audio and video to boost your blog traffic. Easy one click publishing.

Very Important Note: Don't forget to click save after you make any changes to your blog elements.

Now Review and Study this Build My Custom Blog.

Here at Build My Custom Blog We Showcase the basic Blogger Blog BlogMaster Template, Demonstates Blog With Developing Content, Layout Elements Plus Addtional Blog Add Ons and Footer.

Example #2: Build My Custom Blog Features International Language Blogger Blog. Global Translation Language Bar. Build a Custom Blog to develop, promote and expand your business into new global markets.

Example #3: Custom Blogger Blogs Features Speaking Blogs (Male Voice Only). Excellent for Coaching, Instructions And Training Blogs. Downloadable professional audio podcast.

Blogger BlogMaster Bringing You The BEST In Blogger Blogs.

Kick Back And Relax While We Build Your Custom Blogger Blog For You.

Let us create a portfolio of valuable Virtual Real Estate of Blogger Blogs to broaden you portfolio of online Web 2.0 properties to go to work for you in the search results and on the web to expand your web presence and your web visibility. Position a more interactive brand online that will attract younger and web savvy consumers. Discount rate available for 5 or more niche Custom Built Blogger Blogs.

Reserve your Custom Blog today by Blogger BlogMaster!

We look forward to welcoming you as a Custom Blogger Blog customer.

We hope you'll enjoy using our Blogger BlogMaster service.

Let me know how I can help you today.

Do you have questions?


CALL 347-404-6850 for a no-obligation service rate quote and to answers any questions you have about our Custom Blog Services today.

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