Custom Blogger Blogs By BlogMaster

Custom Blogger Blogs By BlogMaster

Blogger Blogs Benefits:

Blogger Blogs Are Free!

No Programming or Software Experience Needed!

Multiple Blogger Blogs Theme Designs Selection!

One Click Publishing!

Blogger Blogs Are Easy To Manage!

Blogger Blogs Are Fun!

Here’s what I’ll need to create your Custom Blogger Blog By Blog Master:

1.) You are resposible for your blog's content, relevant keywords, and images.

2.) Create a new gmail account for your Custom Blogger Blog

3.) I need your new gmail account login information

4.) Your topic and about 3 keywords phrases you want to target

5.) Up to 3 links you’d like to promote

6.) Any RSS feed URL you want to promote (if you have a blog, for instance)

7.) Any YouTube Videos you want added (if you have some promoting your niche)

Custom Blogger Blogs By BlogMaster Price?

Custom Blogger Blogs By BlogMaster Pricing Starting at $150.00

Is there any limit to the number of Custom Blogger Blogs By BlogMaster you can buy?


Turn around Time?

Up to 14 days.

Order Here: CALL 347-404-6850 (Old #347-240-3713) for your Custom Blogger Blogs By BlogMaster.

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